This series was created to be exhibited in the 2017 Kiwi’s in LA Exhibition; an invitation only event designed to showcase the work of New Zealander’s living in Los Angeles. (I was fortunate enough to have been invited despite living in Hawai'i.)

Buzzy Bee Series

This series is a playful spin on the recognisable Kiwi icon the Buzzy Bee* toy.  [Re]presenting it in a scientifc and historical context provides a new way of seeing the popular icon with a twist of humor.  

*The Buzzy Bee is a popular toy in New Zealand. It resembles a bee with rotating wings that move and make a clicking noise while the toy is pulled along the ground. Possibly based on an earlier American concept, it was designed and first produced in New Zealand in the 1930s, by Maurice Schlesinger. It became popular during the post-war baby boom. Its bright colors and clicking sound call are familiar to many New Zealanders, making it one of the most well-recognised items of Kiwiana. 

KIWI classics

A playful [re]presentation of some classic kiwiana icons (click and hover on images to read their stories).