The relationship of the typeface Caslon’s letterforms were investigated and presented on four 100mm³ mudstone cubes. Each face of every cube contains a single letterform from the typeface (24 faces, which leaves 2 letters of your typeface unused). The relationships between letterforms are not only evident on individual cubes but also across all four cubes. This presents a need for the cubes to be examined, stacked and rearranged. Therefore, the result of the work depends on the viewers interaction with the cubes; it is different for every viewing. This interaction provides the work with a transformable, changeable quality.

The cubes are constructed out of mudstone to emulate the look of concrete. This is to embody Caslon’s persona and reputation as a safe, dependable and solid typeface. The Declaration of Independence is written in Caslon, creating a further metaphor; it lays the foundation of a nation.